Learn 0-1 Product Management in a Weekend

From Hannah Stulberg, ex-Google APM and Valon's 3rd Product hire. Be the Product Manager for your own product idea and learn how to execute it with us.

  • Course Dates

    Summer 2021, date TBD
  • Registration Deadline

    None, rolling waitlist
  • Course Cost

    $40 (limited scholarships available)
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Learn more about your instructor Hannah

Hannah Stulberg graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2018 with a Master of Computer and Information Technology, and a bachelor's from the Wharton School. She lead classes as a computer science TA during all four years of college and grew a genuine passion for teaching. While at school, she interned at Microsoft through their Explore program and as a PM. Post graduation, she joined Google as an APM for Google Maps, working on the Crisis Response Team. After a year working as a fully-fledged Google PM on YouTube Ads, she joined morgage servicing startup Valon. In her own words, Hannah is happiest when helping others. 

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Think hackathon, but for learning. Yes, we have live workshops and lectures - but we also have asynchronous content, ways to meet new people, and a demo day to finish.

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