Interested in Sharing Your Knowledge?

If you have experience in your field and a passion for teaching, this is the place for you. We help people like you structure + run a short course to spread your knowledge.

Course Structure and Details

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    We help you structure and market your course.

    Your brain has the knowledge, we have the tools to bring that knowledge to the world. We'll build the infrastructure that helps students communicate with each other + engage with your content in a meaningful way and market the course to bring the learners to you :)

    Overall, we'll work closely with you to make sure both you and your learners have a great experience.

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    10-15 hours of your time

    Courses will run from about 5pm Friday PT to 8pm Sunday PT, and we would need your time for the lead-up to the course as we work to put together content, and the weekend itself.

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    Get compensated for your time and work.

    We want to make sure you're paid for your time + work and will be able to provide you with a significant portion of our revenue for each course :)



The Team behind LearnTogether

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you're interested in teaching a course!

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    Khushi Shelat

    Penn Finance '23

  • Screen shot 2021 04 20 at 2.21.53 pm
    Shobha Dasari

    Stanford CS '23

Runs on Unicorn Platform