Learn how to grow a community from 1 to 1000

From Shriya Nevatia,
Program Director @ On Deck Catalyst

  • Course Dates

    August 7th, 2021
  • Application Deadline

    August 5th, 2021 11:59pm PST
  • Course Cost

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Learn more about your instructor Shriya

Shriya is Program Director of On Deck Catalyst, a 10-week remote program for young leaders who want to solve the world’s most pressing problems and take an unconventional path to building their career. In addition, she’s Founder & CEO of The Violet Society, helping female & non-binary people in tech find a support system, community, and mentorship. She co-created Spectra, a hackathon for female and non-binary people, and studied Computer Science at Tufts University. In her spare time, she enjoys Bollywood dance, reading science fiction, and trying vegetarian recipes.

🔥 A course for aspiring community builders

Do you have an idea for a professional community you want to bring into the world? Have you already started building one but are having trouble scaling? Learn the community building and management principles that will help you scale

  • Learn live from the best

    Shriya will be available to answer your questions and provide direct feedback

  • Unlock 2 weeks of content and community

    After submitting your project, you will unlock 1 month's worth of content and an accountability community

  • Develop an actionable growth plan

    Apply Shriya's content and template to develop a 4-week 1-1000 action plan

How It Works

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    As soon as you confirm your spot, the Onboarding material will be available to you. These 2 10-minute modules will help you learn frameworks to develop your Community Purpose and Member Identity in preparation for the course!
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    Live Session 1

    In this workshop, Shriya will go through the process of identifying a community's purpose, choosing a platform, finding early members, turning early adopters into promoters, refining your community through user research, and more. 🚢 She will also run through her abbreviated Community Canvas template and provide you with all the information you require for the shipping component of this course!
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    Build your action plan, connect with like-minded strangers

    After receiving the specs for your project, you will have 3-4 hours to put it together! We'll organize learners into groups according to the types of professional communities you are planning to build ou can meet and learn from each other! Shriya will be available during her office hours and through live chat to support you as you build your action plan. 🚀 At the end of the build session, you'll submit by replying to a live Twitter thread on Shriya's account!
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    Live Session 2

    In this session, Shriya will provide live feedback on the top 10 Twitter submissions through replies and pointers for the whole group! 🤩 She will also cover further topics on spotting highly engaged community members and converting them to moderators, rituals and routines required to continue building up your community, creating positive norms, and dealing with issues such as breaches to code of conduct!
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    Unlocking the 4-week Asynchronous Content & Community

    If you submitted your project and attended Session 2 live, you will automatically unlock a 2 week accountability community along with content on community building curated by Shriya to continue your learning journey. Think specific article and reading recommendations, mini-assignments, and the opportunity to continue building connections within the LearnTogether course! You can opt-in to receiving learning material through text or email.

to learn core community building in just a day! 🚀

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