Learn 0-1 ML App Development in a Weekend

From Mary Gooneratne and Luke Truitt, co-founders of Duke Applied Machine Learning Group. Plan out your own ML app idea and learn how to build it with us, over the course of a weekend.

  • Course Dates

    June 18 - 20, 2021
  • Application Deadline

    June 17, 2021
  • Course Cost

    $80, 50% for students - payable upon acceptance (limited scholarships available)
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Learn more about your instructor Mary

Mary Gooneratne graduated in 2021 from Duke University with a BE in Electrical and Computer Engineering. While at Duke, she Co-Founded the Duke Applied Machine Learning Group that completed 22 projects for clients and generated $400K in revenue. She also taught a Deep Learning course and TA'd for Software Design & Implementation. She has interned twice for Google in SWE and Machine Learning and worked at Salesforce last summer as an APM. And if that's not cool enough - she was also the Head of Growth & Product at YC W20 startup Glimpse!  

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Learn more about your instructor Luke

Luke Truitt also graduated in 2021 from Duke University and worked with Mary to build the Duke Applied Machine Learning Group. After a Computer Vision summer internship with General Motors where he applied ML to optimize manufacturing processes, he became interested in the space. He also secured $45,000 from the VP of Research and the Office of IT at Duke to fund a computing mini-cluster dedicated to student use. He loves to talk about education reform, low-tech industries, and BC/DeFi. 

🔥 A course for aspiring ML builders

Whether you're just curious about building ML apps or in the process of leveling up your development skills - this course is the one for you!

  • Develop a unique network

    Build real connections with like-minded learners

  • Learn and build something new

    Build and launch a full-stack ML app

  • Challenge yourself in a short time frame

    Extend your limits with a fast-paced curriculum


Think hackathon, but for learning. Yes, we have live workshops and lectures - but we also have asynchronous content, ways to meet new people, and a demo day to finish.

to build an ML app in just one weekend! 🚀

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