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Short collaborative courses taught by instructors who understand you.

🚀 In each course, you will learn together with like-minded people around the world and build a project that will set you on the right path to truly advancing your learning goals

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Launching a Professional Community 101August 7th, 2021

Shriya Nevatia is the Program Director at On-Deck Catalyst, also known as the "Stanford of the Internet." In this one-day course, Shriya will teach you how to grow your professional community from 1 to 1000 members through designing specific, actionable goals for your first month. You will receive live feedback on your project, and the opportunity to unlock a 4-week asynchronous learning community.

$40 | 5 Hour Committment

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How to Build a User-Centric ProductNext Cohort Date TBD

Caitlyn Lubas is a Product Specialist at Instagram, where she extracts insights from user feedback to improve the way 1B+ people communicate and express themselves through Instagram. In this course, Caitlyn will teach you how to build products and services that solve real user problems through becoming user-obsessed in your product development process, with practical workshop sessions and a final demo day!

$80 (50% off for students) | 10 hour commitment

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Intro to Product Design — Fundamentals of Product Thinking, Ideation, Interaction Design, and FigmaNext Course Date TBD

Shreya Shankar is a Product Designer at Uber. Her aim is to provide you with the tools and methods to approach solving user experience challenges yourself. You will bring your ideas to life by taking a real-life problem through the design lifecycle, and use the skills acquired as the foundation of a project for your portfolio. 

$80 (50% off for students) | 10 hour commitment

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Applied Machine Learning — Dataset to Full-Stack ApplicationNext Course Date TBD

Mary Gooneratne and Luke Truitt are entrepreneurs-in-residence at Rucker Park Capital who have previously worked in ML at Google & General Motors. They aim for anyone to taking this course to build a full-stack machine learning application. You will develop the foundations necessary to collect and process data, build basic machine learning models, and build a web application for a user to interface with the model.

$80 (50% off for students) | 10 hour commitment

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Practical Crypto — Using and Building DeFi, Web3 & MoreNext course date TBD

Brian Fakhoury is an investment analyst at Underscore VC. He aims for anyone taking this course to build the foundational knowledge of public blockchains required to be a comfortable early adopter of crypto, with an enhanced ability to use and build decentralized apps (dApps). By the end of the course, you will have the ability to participate in the growing world of crypto investing.

$80 (50% off for students) | 10 hour commitment


The Product Development Journey — Idea to Published Case StudyNext Course Date TBD

Hannah Stulberg is a PM at Valon and an ex-Google APM. She aims for anyone taking this course to build a practical understanding of how a product manager successfully brings a product idea to market. You will take a product idea through the core PM workflow using tools like Asana, Figma, and more, presenting at a demo day by the end of the weekend.

$80 (50% off for students) | 10 hour commitment

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300+ learners from around the world have levelled up in UI/UX Design, Web Dev, Stock Investing, Data Science and more through the LearnTogether programs we've run since February 2021.

  • "Love the community, the icebreakers, study sessions -- how interactive LearnTogether is! I've attended lectures and events from other groups on zoom, but I'm the type to never pay attention in class. So I definitely prefer self-learning and participating in study sessions with you guys (:"

    learntogether cohort 2 member, UI/UX design 1 week sprint
  • "Khushi and Shobha are perfect complements to one another, and I've really enjoyed getting to know their leadership styles as the two co-founders of this program. It has only been a day, yet I already feel connected to both founders and see myself growing as the program too grows."

    LearnTogether Cohort 2 Member, Data Science 1 week sprint
  • "I've learned SO MUCH... Even just getting notifications from the Slack group works to keep me and [my accountability partner] motivated."

    LearnTogether Cohort 1 Member, Web Dev and Investing
  • "I've learned more than I thought I could in a weekend, and I've also loved the opportunity to meet incredible people."

    learntogether customer, the product development journey 3-day course

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